Looking for an alternative to Dental Insurance?

Join Avenue Dental Care’s In-House Premier Dental Plan

If you do not currently have dental insurance, you can join our low-cost dental plan for a nominal membership fee. Our plan entitles you to preventative dental care at no cost. Corrective services are available for small co-payments that are far less than the usual, customary fees.

Our affordable plan includes the following services at no charge:

  • Comprehensive Exam (once every 6 months)
  • X-rays (once every 12 months)
  • Cleaning (Prphylaxis) (once every 6 months, twice per calendar year)
  • Flouride Treatment for Children (under the age of 18, once every 6 months)

To enroll, please contact our office for the application.

Low-Cost Dental Plans:

  • Individual: $399/year*
  • Individual & Spouse: $499/year*
  • Family Plan: $599/year* (2 adults & 2 kids)
  • Each Additional Child in Family: $149/year*

*Annual Membership fee due at time of registration.

Additional Points of Interest:

  • Unmarried children up to age 20 are eligible as a “Child” on this plan.
  • All health conditions accepted.
  • You cannot be denied coverage.
  • No deductibles.
  • No health questions.
  • You cannot be singled out for rate increases or cancellations.
  • You must complete your regular (free) routine cleanings twice per year to continue on this membership plan.

In addition, members of our Affordable Dental Coverage plan receive discounted rates on restorative services (fillings, crowns, veneers, etc.) as well as other treatments (perio scaling and root planing, take home tooth whitening, sealants, nightguard, etc.).