Did you get a chance to read our last blog? If  you did, then you already know that oral hygiene is important for all babies, even if they don’t have teeth quite yet. Our family dentist discussed the proper way to care for a baby’s gums before the teeth erupt, but how do you provide dental care for your baby’s teeth once they start coming in?

When your baby’s teeth first start to erupt, you can brush them with a soft toothbrush. The easiest way to do this is with a toothbrush that has a smaller head and a longer handler. A toothbrush like this will give you more control and precision. At first, you don’t need to worry about using any toothpaste, just use the wet toothbrush to gently brush the teeth. After your baby has gotten used to the toothbrush, you can start using a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste –generally about the size of a grain of rice. After a few years, you can start using more toothpaste, about a pea-sized amount, but it is important that your baby knows how to spit it out before you start using this much.

Another important part of keeping your baby’s teeth healthy is regular trips to the dentist, starting at an early age. The first time that you take your baby to a dental clinic should be when they get their first tooth or around their first birthday, whichever comes first. The dentist will be able to watch your baby’s teeth to ensure that everything is healthy and normal.