When most people think about root canals, they cringe in fear and pain. Root canals have a bad, unfair reputation among people all over the United States, and there are many myths surrounding them. Learn the truth about root canal treatment by learning the facts about the most common myths surrounding root canals:

Myth #1. Root canals are incredibly painful- False! The pain is caused by a dental infection or an inflammation of the pulp in your tooth. Root canals can actually help you to find relief from your pain! If you are worried about pain during the procedure, don’t be. Modern technology and techniques, like anesthesia, make getting the dental treatment that you need easier and more pain-free than ever before!

Myth #2. Extraction is a good alternative to a root canal- Usually false. In some extreme cases, decay is too deep for a root canal, and a tooth extraction might be necessary, but in most cases a root canal is the superior choice. It is always better to do whatever you can to keep your existing teeth. Myth

#3. Root canals take a long time- False! In most cases, your root canal will only take an hour to two to complete. Keep in mind that if you have a severe infection or compilations, it could take longer for your root canal to be completed.

These are just a few of the many myths out there surrounding root canals. Would you love to learn more about root canals? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog!