Every one dreams of that perfect Hollywood smile and luckily, cosmetic dentistry has the answer! Dental veneers are an amazing part of the dentistry world and leave you in awe when witnessing the before and after effects which they can bring to a smile. A dental veneer is a procedure in which a material such as porcelain is placed over the natural tooth, and this will then benefit the tooth either for cosmetic reasons, or if the tooth has been chipped or damaged previously. In the case of a damaged tooth, the veneer provides a protective covering to the damaged area.

Different scenarios for before and after

There are many instances when you will need veneers, but the way they will affect your smile after you have had them fitted is as follows:

  • If your main problem is that of tooth discoloration, a set of veneers will assist you greatly in achieving a perfectly white smile, as they cover the entire natural tooth.
  • If you have a gap within your teeth and feel self-conscious due to this space, then veneers are definitely for you. They will fill all gaps in your smile, leaving you with a healthy, full set of perfect teeth.
  • If you feel your teeth are misshapen, due to craters or bulges, then veneers are the perfect thing for you. Veneers cover the entire set of teeth and will be able to even your smile out completely.
  • People often manage to chip a tooth in everyday life. A chipped tooth can not only look unattractive, but furthermore may cause problems in your mouth. A veneer will be able to put an end to all these issues in no time and will leave your smile healthy and one hundred percent chip free.

We at Avenue Dental Care recognize the need for and importance of a fantastic set of dental veneers. We will be able to fit and create your veneers for you without a doubt leaving you confident and satisfied. Contact us today for more information on the cosmetic dentistry which we provide.