A dental crown is one of the most commonly used restoration procedures in modern dentistry. They cover or cap a damaged tooth and can be used to replace fillings, strengthen a weak tooth, restore the structure and appearance of a chipped tooth or cover a tooth that has had a root canal. Fortunately, crowns are also easy to care for, making them a low-maintenance, affordable and hassle-free dental product.

Dental crowns are made of various hardwearing materials such as porcelain, ceramic or gold alloy depending on your case and individual preference. For porcelain crowns, a metal base is made and covered by layers of porcelain, making it very strong as well as natural looking. All-ceramic crowns offer a metal-free alternative that is not quite as strong as the porcelain crown but looks great on the front teeth. Gold crowns are the most hardwearing of these options, but they have lost popularity due to their less aesthetically appealing look.

Whilst none of these materials are vulnerable to tooth decay, the area where the crown meets the natural tooth is. Regular brushing, flossing and an annual visit to your dental hygienist will help prevent gum disease and ensure you have great oral health.

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