Complete Dental Care in Edmonds WA

Providing general dentistry for the whole family — including proactive exams, cleaning, treatment and education, as well as restorative treatments when necessary.

At Avenue Dental Care, we take care of the basics first!

Most people visit their dentist for general dental care every six months. This care typically includes:

  • A dental exam and review of your x-rays, to detect any possible decay, tumors, cysts, bone loss, cancer or gum disease, and to ensure any existing repairs (crowns, fillings, etc.) are in good condition.
  • Thorough teeth cleaning to remove tarter and plaque, as well as polishing of your teeth.
  • Once your teeth are clean, we may apply a fluoride treatment and sealants (depending on your age/preferences).

During this process, our staff will let you know if we identify any dental issues or concerns, and explain your options for treatment. Our dentist will be honest with you about your situation, care options and our recommendations for restoration/repair. We are here to educate you and answer your questions, so you can make an informed decision about your care.

Some common restorative services include:

Patient Education

Our clinic also turns in to a bit of a classroom at times, because consistent, quality home dental care is essential for a beautiful healthy smile!

We love cleaning teeth and see lots of big smiles walk out of our clinic; however it is just as important that patients of all ages understand how to properly take care of their teeth in between dental appointments. In addition, our staff is always available and willing to answer your questions about types of toothbrushes (old fashioned and electric), floss, mouth rinses and more!

To schedule your next dental exam and cleaning, call today!