Teeth whitening can often be viewed as a want as opposed to a need, due to the assumed price tag which people create for this process. However, people tend to be unaware that affordable teeth whitening is available to the general public and it can be found right here in Edmonds. We here at Avenue Dental Care understand teeth whitening can be an important process to some people who are suffering from a lack of confidence due to their un-radiant smile. We therefore offer you many options for teeth whitening as well as an in-house affordable dental care plan to help you achieve your perfect white smile.

Our Dental Plan Explained

As mentioned prior, we offer an in-house affordable dental care plan to those who do not already possess dental insurance. This plan will cover you for your basic needs such as:

  • A comprehensive exam, once every six months
  • X-rays which are performed once every twelve months
  • Cleaning which is scheduled for twice in the calendar year (or every six months)
  • Fluoride treatment for children under the age of eighteen.

With this plan you will be able to make use of our other corrective services – such as our teeth whitening for life which includes cosmetic smile assessment, porcelain veneers, tooth color restoration and tooth whitening – This co-payment will be at least 20% lower than the usual customary fees.

Furthermore we at Avenue dental care offer you Free Teeth Whitening For Life, which is an amazing service which we have developed which includes the making of whitening trays, in addition to providing you with up to four tubes of whitening solution per year, at no extra cost to you.

Therefore you will be able to have that perfectly dazzling white smile which you had always hoped for without breaking the bank, thanks to Avenue Dental Care and our in-house affordable dental care plan. To become a member, contact us today and we will walk you through the simple process to start saving on your dental care.