Have you had an opportunity to check out our latest blog yet? We revealed the truth about a few of the most common myths surrounding root canals. We talked about how root canals aren’t painful, how extractions aren’t really a better option, and how root canals only take a couple of hours to complete. The following is a list from our dental clinic in Edmonds of the last few myths about root canal treatment:

Myth #4. You can get sick from root canal therapy- False! Many people are under the misconception that the bacteria that a root canal is attempting to treat can get into your blood stream and cause health issues, like heart disease. The fact of the matter is that root canals work to disinfect the tooth and safely rid it of that bacteria.

Myth #5. You don’t need a root canal if you aren’t in pain- False! Just because you aren’t in any pain, doesn’t necessarily mean that your teeth are healthy. The early stages of decay may not be painful, but it can be detected at your regular dental care appointments. If decay is detected, a root canal is in order, whether you are in pain or not.

Myth #6. A root canal will kill your tooth- False! A root canal won’t kill your tooth, it will disinfect and clean the inside of your tooth, so that it can health properly.

If you have a sensitivity to hot or cold foods, pain or throbbing when you bite, or you’ve had an injury or decay that has created an infection in your tooth, it is time to contact us to schedule your root canal. Luckily, since we’ve busted the most common myths surrounding it, you can get the treatment you need with your head held high.