Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you when they meet you. If you are hesitant to share your smile with others because of your discolored or crooked teeth, it could be ruining their first impression of you. Those with severe cosmetic dental issues may even be hesitant to talk or laugh when around others due to the embarrassment of their teeth. You don’t have to live like this, though! Our cosmetic dentist can help create the smile you’ve always wanted right here in our Edmonds office, and we can get started almost immediately.

During your first visit to our cosmetic dentist, we’ll do a complete evaluation of the current state of your teeth and mouth. We’ll take a look at the health of your teeth and work with you to build a plan to create a gorgeous, confident smile that you’ll be excited to share with the world around you. Our cosmetic dentist may recommend procedures like whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, and more. Feel free to ask questions about any of the procedures we recommend so you are comfortable with and excited about everything we can do for you!

The first step is to make an appointment with our office. You can call our cosmetic dentist at 425-295-2179 or contact us through our website. We’ll get you set up with an appointment time that works with your busy schedule. Be sure to ask about our low monthly payment plans that can help make your cosmetic dental work an affordable investment in your health and happiness!