As humans we tend to always cut corners. When it comes to teeth whitening, we often seek the quickest, most cost effective way to do this. Therefore we purchase home whitening kits over the counter which advertise to be super effective in no time at all. This however can be a dangerous assumption to make as people often don’t take into consideration the safety or results which home whitening kits can bring.

Home whitening kits

With regard to home whitening kits, people tend to think they will be as effective as a visit to the dentist. However they are sorely misguided. Over the counter home whitening kits can in essence be very dangerous for your mouth, as the whitening gel contains peroxide and the moulds given with the kit will not fit your mouth exactly. This will lead to the gel seeping from the genetic trays and leaving your gums and inner tissues irritated from contact with the whitening agent. Furthermore because the trays are not custom to fit your mouth, you will be left with a somewhat patch work effect on your mouth as parts of your teeth have been untouched leaving them the same colour as they were before.

When it comes to cost, people think that home kits will be far more cost effective than a trip to their local dentist; however, once again they are misguided. We at Avenue Dental Care understand teeth whitening is an important part of some people’s lives and in order to help you achieve this, we offer you our very own in-house affordable dental plan, which will help you pay for our teeth whitening services. Furthermore, we also offer you free whitening for life, which is a fantastic program in which we take a mould and make custom fitted trays that fit directly to your mouth and provide you with whitening gels up to four times a year, at no extra cost to you.

Contact us today to see how to qualify for this amazing service, as well as how to sign up for our dental plan.