Sleep Apnea Edmonds WA

Obstructive sleep apnea(OSA) is a condition in which the soft tissues at the back of the throat completely close off the airway so that air cannot flow into the lungs. This airway blockage can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching the brain and body. When that happens. the brain alerts the muscles in the airway to tighten up and unblock the air passage. This leads to a process of blocking and unblocking of the airway that causes significant disruption of sleep.

The most common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea are:

  • Loud snoring
  • Restless sleep
  • Periodic stoppages of breathing
  • Irritability or personality change
  • Significant daytime sleepiness
  • Difficulty concentrating and poor memory

Sleep apnea is a health problem that can be associated with high blood pressure. heart problems and stroke. It is important for patients to see a physician or a sleep disorder specialist if they are experiencing snoring and daytime sleepiness.

If you have mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and can’t tolerate or haven’t been helped by CPAP, oral appliances may be an effective treatment option.

What is a Dental Appliance?

A dental appliance is a small plastic device, similar to an orthodontic retainer or an athletic mouthguard. It is worn in the mouth during sleep to prevent the soft throat tissues from collapsing and obstructing the airway. A well-fitted dental appliance will effectively reduce or eliminate snoring, and significantly relieve symptoms of mild and moderate OSA.

Advantages of Dental Appliance Therapy

Dental appliance therapy offers many advantages:

  • Dental appliances are relatively small, and easy to wear.
  • Dental appliances are relatively inexpensive. The total cost of therapy is considerably less than the cost of alternative treatments.
  • Treatment with a dental appliance is reversible and non-invasive (it does not involve surgery).

What We Can Do

On your first visit, Dr Bains will thoroughly examine your teeth and mouth, with the aid of X-rays and dental molds.We will design and fit your custom-made appliance.Dr Bains will show you how to place the appliance in your mouth and how to care for it when you are not using it. Once you have been using the appliance regularly, during sleeping hours, for two or three months, we will refer you back to your physician or sleep specialist to determine how effectively the appliance is controlling your snoring and OSA.