Cosmetic Dentist

Everyone loves the holidays! Not only do you get to give presents to your friends and family, but you also get to snack on delicious treats, enjoy your beautiful decorations, and gather round the tree for family photos. Photos are a big part of the holiday, because they help us to remember all of the love and joy of the best moments in life. The only problem is that, if you are embarrassed of your discolored teeth, you may not have the confidence to smile brightly in your photos! Luckily, our cosmetic dentist is here to save the day!

We are proud to say that we offer professional whitening services for less, and if you qualify, you may even be able to get your teeth whitened for free! Our free whitening for life program makes it easier (and more affordable) than ever before to have a white, beautiful smile in every holiday photo. You just need to have a healthy mouth, have completed 3 teeth cleanings with us in the past year and a half, have completed a dental exam in the past 6 months, and your account has to be current. Want more information about our free whitening for life program? Visit our site now!

Holiday photos help us to capture the best moments of the season. Don’t be the one person in those photos hiding your teeth! Get the confident smile you have always wanted with the help of Avenue Dental Care. Visit us online or give us a call today to learn more about our quality dental care in Edmonds.