Thank you very much!

I’m calling in regards to Avenue Dental and the experience I had with the clinic, specifically with Dr. Bains. I have had a lot of work that was needed to be done in my mouth from root canals to crowns to fillings to having partials – the whole deal. I’m a middle-aged woman and I have low esteem in relation to my teeth and even just showing someone the nature of my teeth when I first came in here. But my experience here has been really soothing and helpful. Soothing in that Dr. Bains is not judgmental. She has approached me in a matter of fact way realizing the care that I needed for my teeth and giving me awesome options for solutions to maintaining my teeth. The fear of judgment from any dentist or anybody seeing my mouth was set aside when I began working with her as and I enjoy working with her because she just doesn’t come off in that way of what the heck is wrong with you? Or, wow you’ve got a big problem. She’s really actually loving in her manner, in the nature of her work, and checking in to see if I was okay and just the whole follow through. Her nature is that way anyway. She’s very gentle and I really appreciate that. As a result I have my son coming here so he doesn’t have to have esteem issues regarding the care of his teeth and I’ve recommended her to friends to come here who’ve had damage to their teeth or haven’t visited the dentist in awhile; sharing my experience with them so they can feel okay and life does go on. There are people that can guide you in a non-judgmental way through this and I found that with Dr. Bains at Avenue Dental and I’m grateful because it’s raised my esteem and I know there’s a solution. I don’t have to live validating myself and my teeth. Now I can smile brightly without low self-esteem. I feel confident and so happy and I found some solutions to maintaining my health on my own because I feel better about myself. So I thank Avenue Dental and her nature and skill in assisting me in this journey for my teeth. Thank you very much!

Jacqueline C.