The correct way to brush your teeth from our family dentist.

Many people have been brushing their teeth since they were old enough to hold a toothbrush, but unfortunately, people don’t always brush the correct way. Yes, there is a right and a wrong way to brush your teeth. The following is a guide from our family dentist in Edmonds to brushing your teeth the right way:

  • Pick the right toothbrush- Not all toothbrushes are made equal, and what works well for someone, may not work so well for someone else. Pick a toothbrush that is small enough to allow you to reach your back teeth, and one with soft bristles, so you don’t hurt your gums when you brush.
  • Don’t cut your brushing short- You should try to brush your teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day. The goal is to hit all four sections of your mouth for thirty seconds each. Some toothbrushes even come with timers to help you to remember to brush long enough!
  • Be gentle when you brush- If you brush too often or too hard, you could do more damage to your gums and enamel than good. It doesn’t take a whole lot of force to rid your teeth of plaque, so be gentle!
  • Cool it with the whitening toothpaste- Whitening toothpaste can be pretty harsh, so you should try not to use it all the time. Switch to a regular fluoride toothpaste for a while. If you want a whiter smile, you can always talk to our cosmetic dentist about our Free Whitening for Life program!