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Below please find a selection of videos that we feel are valuable to our patients, both to educate and ease any concerns over common dental repairs and procedures.

Single Tooth Extraction Procedure

Removing a tooth is sometimes necessary to treat pain and preserve the health of your mouth.

Single Implant Procedure

When a tooth is missing, a dental implant with a crown is an excellent treatment for replacing it. Placing an implant generally involves several phases.

Core Build-Up

(prior to a porcelain crown prodedure)
We use a core buildup to replace the missing portion of a severely broken down tooth, prior to placing a crown. The material we use most commonly is a composite resin that is bonded to the tooth.

Porcelain Crown Procedure

When a tooth needs a restoration, sometimes the best choice is an all-porcelain crown. It’s precision-crafted in a dental laboratory, so it may take two or more appointments to restore your tooth with a porcelain crown.

Bridge Procedure

When a tooth is missing, a 3-unit bridge can be a good choice for replacing it. In a 3-unit bridge, an artificial tooth is connected on either side to crowns, which are placed on the neighboring teeth to hold the bridge in place.

Single Visit Root Canal Procedure

When the pulp layer of a tooth is infected, we recommend root canal therapy. We start the procedure by numbing the area to make you comfortable.