Baking and the holidays go hand in hand. You favorite Christmas movie just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have a square of fudge and a glass of cold eggnog to enjoy it with! Though we all love to snack on our favorite holiday treats, they can unfortunately lead to cavities! Luckily, Avenue Dental Care is here to help! We don’t just provide you with the high quality dentistry that you need, but we also want to make sure that your teeth stay healthy out in the real world. That is why our family dentist has come up with this list of tips to help you to avoid cavities over the holiday season:

  • Eat only your holiday favorites- There are so many sweets available during the holidays, but only a few of them are only available this time of year. Avoid the sweets that are available all year round, and stick to your tried and true holiday favorites.
  • Take a toothbrush along with you- Keep a travel toothbrush in your purse or your car, so you have it handy when you need it. Try to brush after you eat a treat, this will prevent sugar from sitting on your teeth for very long.
  • Invest in some sugar-free gum- When you chew gum, you produce more saliva, which will help to wash away the bacteria that is on your teeth. You will also be a lot less likely to indulge in more treats when you have a minty piece of gum in your mouth.