Porcelain veneers, although falling under the category of cosmetic dentistry, do serve more purposes than just assisting you in having a phenomenal white smile. A porcelain veneer is a highly beneficial section of the dentistry world. Within dentistry, a veneer is the term used to describe a thin layer of porcelain material which is placed over the natural tooth itself. This layer will then assist the tooth either aesthetically or, if the tooth is actually damaged, provide a covering in order to protect the damaged area. The veneer is attached via the use of dental cement and it is therefore a permanent fixture in your mouth.

The different uses of porcelain veneers

Veneers can assist a person in a various number of different dental needs. To be specific, the role of a dental veneer can serve as follows:

  • If you suffer from tooth discoloration and are unable to have the problem corrected by means of tooth whitening procedures, then a veneer is the perfect answer to your problem. The veneer caps the entire natural tooth and therefore leaves your smile bright and pearly white.
  • Some people also tend to have gaps between their teeth. Now if braces are unable to help you or if you just don’t want to wear a set of braces, then veneers can once again come to the rescue. Your fitted veneer will be designed in a way that it will bridge the gaps between your teeth, leaving you looking like your smile is perfectly gap free.
  • If you suffer from a set of teeth which are worn down, be it from excessive grinding or whatever the case may be, porcelain veneers also lend a helping hand to this dilemma.
  • If your teeth are broken or chipped, a veneer can easily cover this problem right away.
  • Finally, if you have found that your teeth are uneven, unaligned or misshaped, a veneer will put an end to this problem.

At Avenue Dental Care, we will be able to fit and create your veneers for you. Furthermore after we have fitted your beautiful new smile we will send you home with a mouth guard as well. A mouth guard will protect your veneers and we encourage all our patients to wear it whilst sleeping to avoid damaging the veneers. With all the above mentioned benefits of having a beautiful set of veneers, why not contact us today to set up your first appointment and we will assist you however we can.