No one wants to lose their permanent teeth. Unfortunately, though, our teeth aren’t indestructible and circumstances could mean you need to have one or more teeth pulled by our family dentist in Edmonds. Removing one tooth could be the way to preserve the right of your teeth, though, and our family dentist can begin the work to restore the look of your mouth often immediately after the extraction has been done. There are a few circumstances where pulling your tooth is going to be a benefit:

  • An infection has set into the tooth. Infections are painful, so you’ll know when you have one. Some infections can be controlled with medication or a root canal, but if it can’t be, the tooth will need to be removed to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • Your tooth has been broken or fractured. No all breaks will require removal, but many will benefit from the removal because they are at an increased risk of infection after they’ve been damaged.

Keep in mind that our family dentists and the entire dental care team at Avenue Dental Care will do what they can to help you avoid a tooth extraction. If we can’t avoid it, though, we’ll do everything we can to make you more comfortable. If you suspect that you may one or more teeth that need to be pulled, make an appointment with us today. Give us a call at 425-295-2179 or contact us through our website and we’ll get you set up with an appointment today!